26 December | 2022
Early bird 90 euro | Regular 120 euro

For people who want to transform their limitations into power
for manifestation

Dynamic meditation | Rapeh
and Mambe ceremony
Holotropic breathing

It is clear that we can not build a healthy life without a healthy relationship towards ourselves. As with any other bond, the one to yourself can have some blockages that keep you from thriving in life.

We created this event in a combination of powerful practices to clear unprocessed emotions and limiting beliefs, that together create conflicts inside of us, keeping us from expressing our most authentic self.
During this day retreat you will get a deeply transformative experience that will help you understand yourself on a much deeper level, connect with your force and spirit.
What awaits you
We combined the most powerful practices for your complete restart
Dynamic meditation
Dynamic Meditation is a fast, intense and deep method for breaking old, ingrained patterns of the mind and body by catalyzing tension and stucked emotions in an embodied release in form of expressing movements.
Holotropic breathing
The practice of Holotropic breathing will lead to a deep cleansing of fears and doubts anchored in the subconscious from past experience, clear the body from stucked tension and release unexpressed emotions.
Mambe and Rapeh ceremony
The Ceremony connects you with the power and wisdom of Master plants. It helps getting rid of negative energy, get you answers to important questions, clarifies your next steps in life and gives you the actual power to do it.
What you will gain out of this experience
  • 1
    Work on your most pressuring issues
    You will receive answers to the questions that you are truly facing right now in life.
  • 2
    Relax and unwind
    Finally exhale tension from your body and mind to connect even deeper with your true nature.
  • 3
    Get rid of negative thinking patterns
    Transform old perceptions into new understandings to achieve your goals
  • 4
    Connect with your true nature
    The connection with your Higher Self will increase. This will help you find guidance for your next steps.
  • 5
    Learn to listen to your true desires
    When our mind becomes calm, we are able to easily understand what we want and act without hesitation.
  • 6
    Cleanse your body of toxins
    The practices will restart your immune system and harmonize the flow of energy in the body. Energy blocks and clamps will dissolve.
In group setting the power of all individuals will create a synergy making it much easier to face our shadows by at the same time helping us integrating them.
Retreat Agenda
December 26, Monday
Programm will be in English/Russian
9:00 – 10:00
9:00 – 10:00
Opening circle
Introduction and discovery of the sacred space.
Manifestation of intentions for the day.
11:00 – 12:30
11:00 – 12:30
Dynamic Meditation
An active practice to release the depths of unconscious programs and emotional blocks. We will move intensely, dance, and move energy through our body.
12:30 – 13:30
12:30 – 13:30
An integral part of the reboot of consciousness is tasty and healthy food. The retreat will offer vegetarian meals and special detox smoothies.
13:30 – 16:00
13:30 – 16:00
Holotropic Breathwork
A powerful practice to release negative experiences stored in the through bodily and emotional release and expand the consciousness to become more whole.
16:00 – 16:30
16:00 – 16:30
Short break
Time for yourself
16:30 – 18:30
16:30 – 18:30
Rapèh and Mambe ceremony
We will connect with the oldest spirit Maestro Tobacco for guiding and protections. Moreover we will manifest wishes of our hearts with the power of Mambe and Ambira.
18:30 – 19:30
18:30 – 19:30
Despacho ceremony
We will express our gratitude to Pacha Mother and spiritual world
19:30 – 20:30
19:30 – 20:30
Sharing tea circle
Any leftovers can be taken home to treat your friends and family!
This day retreat is very intense. To get ultimate results and the full experience, prepare yourself to do proper deep work.

It is designed for people who truly want to make huge shifts in their life and start to manifest better futures for themselves.
Event Faciliators
Holistic Master | Master plants facilitator | Trauma Integration Facilitator

I am here to help you remember what strength and wisdom you already have.

I will not answer your questions or give you advice, but I will give you the tools to help you find the answers within you.

I will not do your job for you, but I will be with you and support you with love in the experience that you need to go through.

Holistic Psychologist & Breathwork Faciliator
I help people transform their shadows into their biggest gifts.

Often I get called "the translator of the subconscious". I don't consider myself as your medical advisor but moreover the one helping you to learn the language in between subconscious, immune- and nervous system for you to become your own expert.

I strongly belief in the individuality of healing processes and use therefore a range of modalities like breathwork, meditations, cognitive behavioral therapy and more, according to each individual in my practice.

Only 15 spots
Early bird till 23 December 90

Regular price 120
Lunch included
Υοu can pay cash or use Revolut, Quick pay or Pay pall service.

Benefits after Retreat
  • Get a unique experience
    For the first time, you have the opportunity to come into contact with such a wide range of the most effective practices in one retreat
  • Reboot
    We are confident that after completing this retreat, you will definitely be able to reboot your physical and mental state.
  • Get to know yourself even better
    Recognize and work through what is preventing you from moving towards your life goals.
  • Connect with the power of plants
    The power and wisdom of nature will become our teacher, helping us to realize our place in this world.
  • Diana Luka
    The session with Maria changed my life!!! I am successful lawyer, a divorced woman and a single mother.... I have been single since my divorce for 4 year.. don't imagine, I am great looking woman, with a sexy muscular body and a model face, but i still couldn't find a man that would make me happy.. also, I am not selfish and demanding from men, I just wanted the ONE that would treat me right to make me feel the true women happiness (with love, respect, understanding, no jealousy, communicative, etc.) but it was not working out... I met a lot of men handsome and not, rich and not, good and bad, mannered and not... many types but everyone was running away... went I visited Maria I was desperate coz I needed to see what's wrong, why I can't find any piece of happiness (depression was killing me coz I very romantic and sensitive person).... As soon as I did my ONE session with Maria in about a month, the man I really liked a year ago appeared back in my life... he begged me to give him a chance ... now passed 6 months we are in a very healthy and beautiful relationship, and we look forward to build our future together!!
    That's amazing!!!

    This is a miracle that I can't explain, which I think Maria can... Thus, i want to truly thank you Maria for your help! Wish everybody feel the happiness I do and overcome all their concerns in life as I did!
  • Jay O
    The very first holotropic breathwork session with Chey I didn't expect anything great. I had no previous experience with it. At that time I had already been dealing with the topic of personal development for a very long time. But what I was able to learn within a Breathwork session was Mindblowing. It is not theoretical knowledge that you gain, but real wisdom. Experienced knowledge and many connections in my life became clear to me. One session alone can be already extremely transformative. I can highly recommend everyone to have done at least one session with Chey.

  • Cyprus
    I tried RAPÉ Ceremony with Maria, and it's worked very well for me, helped calm down my mind and healed me. Thank you Maria for amazing experience and strongly recommend for everyone who need fast out from negative mood and stress
  • Cyprus
    Very useful and supportive ceremony, very deep effect. Peace of mind.
  • Cyprus
    Before i had session with Maria i didn't believe in myself and i was so afraid to changes in my life, i had a lot of negative thouts in my mind. It was hard to get target and plane it. After two sessions just look at me. I started have energy. I started be more happy. I am not afraid anymore. And i know everything is possible and there is experience! I strongly recommend you. Try!
  • Germany
    Through Holotropic Breathwork, I was able to extremely accelerate my process and very quickly get to very deeply rooted traumas and the associated sabotaging behavior patterns and dissolve them. This has given me several years with a much higher quality of life. Especially the first session was very unfamiliar and holotropic breathing is not so easy to implement over a long period of time at the beginning. Because of this I was maybe even a bit "annoyed" but in the end it was this impatience that something should finally happen that I had to let go of in order to be able to let myself fall into this wonderful experience. Absolute recommendation 🙏
  • Cyprus
    I participated in a RAPEH ceremony for the first time back in Australia many years ago. It was a life changing experience for greater focus and clarity. I thought all RAPE was the same, little did i know there are many different types of RAPEH with different benefits. I decided to try it out again as many friends in Cyprus and overseas rave on about its benefits. Wow was I socked to experience an even more profound state with an even deeper sense of calm and focus I have never felt before. Kudos to Maria and her many years of experience with Sharmanic RAPEH practices.
  • Germany
    Chadiya's coaching has transformed my life in an extremely positive way. It allowed me multiple self-awareness and an extraordinary enrichment. It has opened up new perspectives of thinking, experiencing and perceiving for me. Holotropic Breathwork has proven to be perfect to open myself up truly so therefore I could connect on a much deeper level for me personally. Therefore I recommend Chadiya and her program from the button of my heart
  • Сyprus
    Посетила короткую сессию исцеления в первый раз с Марией! А получила большое и профессиональное целительство и психологическую помощь!
    После посещения Маши - жизнь пошла по другому! Спасибо большое Мария за большую помощь и открытие во мне многих талантов!
  • Cyprus
    I believe there are times in your life when you can become stuck and just don't know how to break free or move on from such times or dark clouds. It was at a time such as this in my life that I came in touch with Maria and she offered her skills and time with rapeh to help me break free from this dark cloud that I was holding. After having some discussion and explaining my story, Maria was able to choose the right medicine and therapy to aid in healing my blocks. She chose from a variety of rapeh to best suit my needs and with a gentle but powerful setting with music administered the sacred rapeh.The process was gentle to begin with as the spirit of rapeh will ease and guide you into yourself , like diving deep into your own subconscious so that you can see where your blocks and causes lye. There is a purge and energetically an instant release . I felt better but still felt the need to delve deeper and so gradually Maria offered me Different types of rapeh in strength that were able to take me deep down into my very own being so as to clean and dislodge this dark clouds or energy I was caring and holding. It can and was a difficult process at times but with each inhale the breath and mind eventually calms and finds it peace. I left quite exhausted but managed to sleep well that night, and the very next day felt a new man once again, looking out into life with zest and appreciation. Full of gratitude to Maria and to the world. Maria is equipped with a large bag of skills and knowledge of working and channeling with the spirits of these medicines and she really helped me. It's been a few days since our meet and I'm still feeling great and clear of my onward journey. I can honestly say that in this petit woman lyes the soul and spirit of a Almighty great powerful healer and teacher. Her knowledge of the plants and their healing potential is Vast. I thank her , thank her again and thank the world for bringing this amazing woman for us to share her skills, energy and knowledge to help heal. Much love light joy to her and all. X
  • George
    It's been 24 hours since the Sacred Rapèh ceremony I had the opportunity to attend and words are truly poor to describe everything that happens during that Devine Ceremony. If I'm allowed to say something this would be a big thank you to the spirit of Rapèh, Maria and Kiry.

    They offered me what I needed to see. The ceremony took place at a very peaceful place and I had to admit that even before the starting point of the actual ceremony the vibes around me were more than just harmonious. It was the first time I attended a ceremony and I am speechless. Everything and everyone in those few hours were there for me.

    "Life does not happen to you but it happens for you" is a quote from Alan Watts. And that is exactly what I experienced yesterday. So thank you Kiry and Maria for your effort and your kindness and thank you spirit of Rapèh and mother Ay… for the catharsis and the wisdom you taught me.
  • Cyprus
    I'm very grateful to get to know you Maria and for the experience with Rapeh as well.
    I love your energy and felt very safe with you.
    It was my first time, but for sure not the last one.
    Thank you 🙏 thank you for 🙏 thank you 🙏
  • Goran
    Oh yeah Rapeh is still working and I keep it as 'clean' as before the ceremony. I am still in a 'process' and really love the continuation. Haven't felt like this present, together and relaxed in a long time.

    Thank you once again for yesterday's amazing ceremony.
    Loved every bit of it from Rapeh's tastes and sensations to the chanting, bells and the tea and cake at the end. It was nice meeting your wonderful energy directly.

    It felt like a 'Soul Spa' - cleansing, relaxing and detoxifying on a soul level ☺️

    We will certainly come for the following ceremony at the end of this month. I'll check your link for announcements but if for some reason we miss it please take our reservation already 🙏☺️

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