Good Mood

Pack includes:
1) Passiflora Tea 15g (use it in day time)
2) Damiana Tea 15g (before sleep)
3) Sananga eye drops 5ml (drop anytime keep it in fridge).

This Pack made for people who has tendency feel anxiety, anger, insomnia and depression.

Passion Flower tea
Passion Flower, contain Harman, Harmaline, Harmine, & Harmol that means is has strong anti-depressant" effect. This master plant works with famenine energy and teach calmness and wisdom. Helps to increase acceptance and see beyond of duality. Works with heart and third eye centers.

Damiana tea
The Damiana spitrit teachs you be aware and relax, feel your body and control your mind. Helps connect to your feelings and emotion look deeper in their nature. Works perfect for people who wants to connect with their self sensation and discower roots of emotions.

Sananga eye drop

Sanaga - sacred and powerful medicine. This powerful eye drop has a healing power that is more spiritual than physical, and has the capacity to increase insight in the minds of those who use it. Sanaga also used to treat and prevent ocular diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, farsightedness, nearsightedness and even blindness.

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