Guayusa Ilex

Guayusa tea has been consumed in countries in South America for over two thousand years. This type of tea is an herbal tisane made from the leaves of the holly tree known by the botanical name Ilex guayusa. The guayusa tree is native to the Amazon rainforest and commonly cultivated in Ecuador. It is also found in the Brazilian Amazon, Bolivian Andes, Peru, and Colombia.

The native Kichwa or Kichua people of Ecuador use guayusa tea in religious and spiritual ceremonies. It is part of ancient traditional rituals as well.

Guayusa has caffeine content that is higher than black tea, but lower than a strong cup of coffee. Guayusa also contains the alkaloids theobromine and theophylline. Both of these chemical compounds are known stimulants that help to improve concentration and increase energy.

The Guayusa spirit teaches you understand subconscious and use dreams as learnig time. Perfect for people who wants to practise aware dreams.

Uses & Effectiveness
  • Helps to focus
  • Boosts Energy
  • Aphrodisiac properties
  • May Accelerate Weight Loss
  • Boosts Heart Health
  • Aids Digestion
  • Lucid dreams

Methods of Use:

  1. Pour fresh, cold water into a large pot or a tea kettle. Use only pure, spring or unfiltered water for the best flavor.
  2. Bring the water to a roiling boil and remove from heat.
  3. Add 1 tablespoon or 2 grams of dried Guayusa tea leaves to a tea gourd. Pour the hot water on the leaves and steep for 4 to 7 minutes. Brew up to 10 minutes for a stronge

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